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Welcome - Highland Rovers Snowmobile Club

The Highland Rovers groom a total of 112 km of trails over the snowmobile season.

Snowmobiling is your sport. Keep it alive and well for the long term goes beyond just buying a trail permit. Your active involvement and participation, no matter how big or small, is crucial and vital to keeping snowmobiling thriving and fun for many seasons to come.

We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering click the Volunteer link and see what you can do to improve the snowmobile experience.

Respect Landowners

We would like to thank all our Landowner's for the use of their property.
Their generosity enables us to enjoy the superb trail system that we have today.

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In Memory of Ian Hunter

The Highland Rovers Snowmobile Club has lost a valued friend. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Charles “Ian” Hunter, who passed away on December 31st after a lengthy battle with cancer. Ian has been involved with the Highland Rovers Snowmobile Club in numerous ways since the mid-1970’s, and held executive positions for many of those years, including being the Vice President and Trail Boss. Ian also took great pride in being a Trail Warden and was the Trail Warden Coordinator for the Highland Rovers Snowmobile Club. At an Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs Convention, he was honoured with the OFSC Trail Warden of the Year Award. Some of his lesser-known Club involvement included being Santa Claus at the annual Christmas Pot Luck Supper, flipping burgers and “over-toasting” buns at the Club barbecue, and folding newsletters and licking stamps to prepare the Club newsletter. Ian was always happy to volunteer – no job was too big or too small. Those of us who had the privilege of riding with Ian will miss that Ian Hunter smile. Ian, may all your trails be brushed wide and groomed smooth.

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